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Gunsmith School

May 13, 2013

Starting a Career in Gunsmithing


Gunsmith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A gunsmith is trained to build, fix, and maintain firearms. There are many different specializations in the field of gunsmithing, and an interested candidate can select from designer, finisher, manufacturer, and gun engraver, just to name a few. A productive future in the gunsmithing occupation entails learning numerous skills that include woodworking, metal engraving, an understanding of arithmetic and technology, and technical expertise. This informative article aims to outline the educational requirements and the other criteria necessary to become a gunsmith.

A good gunsmith requires an aptitude for understanding technical skills as guns are made to exacting specifications and precise measurements. The gunsmith should possess an innate fascination with the background of guns and their production methods. Many gunsmiths are frequently hobbyists or collectors of guns. It is vital that gunsmiths be aware of the importance of handling guns and their accessories safely. Numerous states have different gun laws and it’s really imperative that you know about the local rules.

Prerequisites for Application

For anybody who is interested in becoming a gunsmith, several conditions need to be satisfied in order to become enrolled into a gunsmith school. They will be:

You need to be 21 years or older.
You’ve got to be interested in mastering technical skills like grinding, polishing, woodworking, etc.
You cannot have felony convictions. Those that have a record of domestic violence or any kind of restraining orders cannot sign up for gunsmith training programs.
You will have to have a high school diploma or equivalent.

How to Become a Gunsmith – Training Options

There are many choices to consider when you’re thinking of gunsmith training. However, you will need to make certain that the school plus the course which they offer are accredited by the pertinent authorities.

Gunsmith trade school:

These courses are provided by vocational schools and community colleges. They furnish the most practical hands-on training. The lessons are created to teach how to construct, customize and fix guns.

Online gunsmith courses:

A web based gunsmith school may work for you if a traditional classroom setting is not feasible. The course, in this case, is usually learned without leaving the premises of your home. These are generally less expensive than regular gunsmith schools. The courses could also be finished in a shorter period versus a normal school. Still, make sure that this course is a recognized one and it offers subjects that will be appealing to you before you sign up for an internet-based course.

Gunsmith apprenticeship:

Its smart to work as the apprentice of any certified and veteran gunsmith. If your real interest is guns, one can learn the trade from experienced hands in a short span of time while getting paid for it. However, it is essential to ascertain that the gunsmith you’re going to work for has sufficient experience and can offer you information which is both right and relevant regarding guns, their manufacture and service.

Short-term training programs in gunsmithing:

Some schools, including the NRA, offers short-term gunsmithing courses throughout the spring and summer months, the duration of which varies from a few days to weeks.

Launching a Career As a Gunsmith

Most gunsmith training courses (both online and traditional) provide comprehensive training about the subject of gunsmithing. However, to launch a profitable career as a gunsmith, it is recommended that you undergo an apprenticeship under an expert gunsmith to acquire in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience. A trained gunsmith should also acquire the appropriate licenses including the FFL (federal firearms license) which permits him/her to keep possession of an individual’s firearm for a period of more than a day. It is a good idea to specialize or focus in a particular area of gunsmithing such as designing, engraving, stockmarking, etc. Also, it may beneficial to work in an armory or firearm manufacturer to gain experience. This can help to help expand your career or possibly help you start your own gunsmith business.

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